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When is Bill Maher’s real time on HBO Max?

Bill Maher is back with a new season of Real Time January 15 2021 on HBO Max. Bill implores Democrats to use common sense and tone down the hypersensitive wokeness that drove voters to Trump. If there’s one thing America needs right now, it’s a symbol of reconciliation between red and blue America.

What is Bill Maher's'dark prediction'about Donald Trump?

On his show Real Time with Bill Mahe r, Maher offered his "dark prediction" of a "slow-moving coup" that he believes Trump is currently preparing for in an attempt to take back the White House. This includes Trump trying to gain the Republican nomination and announcing his presidential candidacy.

Can Bill coach the Democrats away from a midterm loss?

Bill dons his “Coach” hat and attempts to guide the Democrats away from a devastating loss in the upcoming midterm elections. Bill explores Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for the “Metaverse” and worries that if we get ourselves too far away from reality, we won’t be able to find our way back.

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