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Frequently Asked Questions

How many missions are there in Christmas party games?

Players are all given six missions to sneakily fulfil and the first to complete three, wins. How to play: This is one of those Christmas party games about completing secret missions… without getting caught. Each family member is assigned 6 missions which they must carry out covertly on other players.

How do you win the Xmas game?

The performers, like in ordinary charades, are not permitted to speak or make any letter signs. Every correct estimate a team makes within the time limit earns them one point. The Xmas game is won by the first side to score twenty points. To begin, gather some paper plates and markers.

How do you watch Christmas movies together?

While watching Christmas films together, whoever gets five in a row first is the Christmas-movie champ. Set a timer for a minute, and see who can make the most "snowmen" by stacking mini marshmallows on top of each other. You need three to make a stack (but, no, they don't need faces or arms). Too easy? Try making everyone use chopsticks.

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