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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the song about berries and cream?

About Berries And Cream, or The Little Lad Dance or I'm A Little Lad Who Likes Berries And Cream, is a viral song and dance originally featured in a Starburst commercial in 2007. The song and dance are performed by an anachronistic, old-fashioned British character called "Little Lad".

What is the starbursts ‘berries and cream’ ad on TikTok?

A 2007 advertisement for Starbursts' "Berries and Cream" flavor has taken over TikTok. The advertisements feature a "Little Lad" who sings about how much he loves berries and cream. TikTokers are making memes about the commercial and imitating the "Little Lad." Over 3 million people read Morning Brew ; you should too!

Is berries and cream's comeback Lightning in a bottle?

Berries and Cream's comeback in some ways appears to be lightning in a bottle. Graf traced part of its origins on TikTok to a post by the podcast host Justin McElroy, who, on Twitter, claimed to have shared the audio as an original sound back in the spring.

Why is berries and cream so popular on TikTok?

Berries and Cream's ascendance to the top of the TikTok charts speaks to the platform's distinctive ability to flip organically emerging discussions into viral juggernauts.

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