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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the antonym of believe?

Antonyms for believe. Antonyms for (verb) believe. Main entry: believe Definition: accept as true; take to be true Usage: I believed his report; We didn't believe his stories from the War; She believes in spirits. Antonyms: disbelieve, discredit Definition: reject as false; refuse to accept.

What's the difference between 'believe' and 'believe in'?

Believe means to accept that something or someone's words are true. You can believe a person, or something that a person said: I believe her. She is always honest. Do you believe her story? It sounds fishy to me. Believe in is a little different. Believe in means to have faith that something exists.

Does believe the plural form of belief?

Believes is a the third person singular conjugation of the verb believe, which means to think, or have faith, that something is true without having proof. My toddler still believes in ghosts. Beliefs is the plural form of the noun belief. It simply refers to something that people believe, or in other words, something that people think is true.

What does it mean to have a belief?

belief(Noun) Mental acceptance of a claim as truth regardless of supporting or contrary empirical evidence. belief(Noun) Something believed. The ancient people have a belief in many deities. belief(Noun) The quality or state of believing.

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