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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the battleship Missouri Memorial?

Battlship Missouri Memorial, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Tours. The Battleship Missouri Memorial offers two different tours, daily, with much more to explore on your own. The main tour is included in your General Admission ticket and takes you to the exact spot where WWII ended and is fully ADA accessible.

What is a tour of the battleship Missouri at Pearl Harbor?

A tour of the Battleship Missouri at Pearl Harbor brings with it an abundance of information. While schools teach the main events of World War II, it’s unlikely that the curriculum calls for an in-depth look at the USS Missouri (BB-63), one of the most iconic ships of the conflict.

Where is the USS Missouri Museum?

USS Battleship Missouri Museum Located Along Battleship Row Near Arizona Located on Ford Island and in line with the Arizona Memorial along battleship row, the Battleship Missouri (USS Missouri (BB-63)) towers over its dock some 216 feet high. It is accessible only by shuttle from the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center or on our tour vehicles.

How do I buy tickets for the battleship Missouri?

purchase tickets online. through our virtual online. The USS Missouri Memorial Association is dedicated to preserving the Battleship Missouri and sharing her story and place in history. New! We will now be open Tuesday-Saturday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

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