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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a ballet tutu cost?

This type of tutu is usually made for professional ballet dancers and advanced ballet students. They can be designed to be adaptable for other ballets. This type of tutu can be altered but will not accommodate significant growth spurts. The classical traditional tutu starts at $650, plain and unadorned with a straight edge cut skirt.

What is tutuschool?

Our TutuSchool instructors are top designers, pattern-makers and technicians. Learn everything you need to know to create your own professional tutus, ballet costumes and headpieces. Create a perfect tutu with our beautiful, 7-10 layer classical tutu base. Customize to your needs!

Why choose Tutu Theatre?

Tutu Theatre specializes in both custom ballet costumes and rentals. These include classical tutus, romantic tutus, children’s tutus, practice tutus, men’s tunics, and tiaras. We also make other theatrical costumes and garments such as crowns and corsets.

What is a Classical Stretch Tutu?

In a classical stretch tutu, a lycra leotard is made and the layers of net for the skirt are sewn right onto the panty of the leotard. This tutu is a great recital type tutu for youth. It cannot be altered and is not adaptable for other ballets.

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