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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Strategic Management System (SMS)?

What is it? The Strategic Management System (SMS) is a performance management tool available to all Army organizations and components.

How can SMS help the Army?

As the Army enters a period of aggressive strategic enterprise decision-making, SMS is now uniquely capable of providing leaders and managers a platform on which to envision, build, deploy and track performance against their strategy. Contact SMS Help Desk: 703-607-5014.

What is the Army's Enterprise Data Services Catalog?

In order to become a data aware organization, the Army has initiated the development of an Enterprise Data Services Catalog. The catalog is an interactive electronic database that lists the Army’s Authoritative Data Sources and enables the development, refinement, integration, and maintenance of the Army’s ever-more-critical data assets.

What is the army management action group (AMAG)?

The AMAG is the Army's representative group in the DOD Deputy's Management Action Group (DMAG). It produces advice to the Secretary of the Army for the purpose of advocating for and aligning United States Army priorities within the priorities of the Secretary of Defense as well as the DOD planning and program schedule.

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