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Frequently Asked Questions

What caused the December 2001 riots in Argentina?

December 2001 riots in Argentina. The December 2001 crisis was a direct response to the government's imposition of "Corral" policies ( Spanish: Corralito) at the behest of economic minister Domingo Cavallo, which restricted people's ability to withdraw cash from banks. Rioting and protests became widespread on December 19, 2001,...

What happened in Argentina on 18 December?

Between 16 and 19 December there were several incidents involving unemployed activists and protesters which demanded the handing-out of food bags from supermarkets. These incidents ended up with outright looting of supermarkets and convenience stores on 18 December, taking place on Rosario and the Greater Buenos Aires areas.

Why are Argentinian protesters storming the streets?

Thousands of Argentinian protesters have taken to the streets of the capital, Buenos Aires, demanding the government take action to address the deepening economic crisis.

What's happening in Buenos Aires?

In working-class neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires province, hordes of teenagers ransacked grocery stores as outnumbered police stood by helplessly, while helmeted officers fired tear gas to disperse dozens of looters in a central Buenos Aires neighbourhood. Earlier in the day, the capital's streets looked like a battleground.

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