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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the symbols on the Argentina flag mean?

Argentine Flag. The two shaking hands symbolize the unity of the different provinces of Argentina. The blue and white behind the coat of arms symbolizes the Argentinian people and the beautiful land they inhabit. The spike under the cap represents the people's willingness to defend their land and protect their liberties.

What is the national symbol of Argentina?

Argentina National Crest. This crest was officially declared to be a national symbol in March 1813. It can be depicted by the meaning of the different elements that construct it, like the light blue and white background suggesting the national flag. The image of the two hands shaking symbolizes the union between the provinces to become one country.

What does the flag of Argentina look like?

Argentina's flag is a light blue and white triband with a yellow "Sun of May" in the center. The flag is twice as wide as it is tall.

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