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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical Argentine breakfast?

There is lots tasty Argentine cuisine for sure. Here’s what we thought of Argentine breakfast. Alas, to my disappointment, typical Argentine breakfast foods consist of a cup of coffee with milk (café con leche), a few croissants (medialunas), and a shot glass of carbonated water.

What to eat & drink in Argentina?

They are traditionally eaten for breakfast, ideally accompanied by a cup of strong coffee with milk, or as an afternoon snack served with yerba mate, a traditional Argentinian herbal tea.

What are some Argentinian pastries?

Other Argentinian pastries include facturas or bizcochos. Facturas are also similar to brioche. However, these tiny delights come topped with membrillo, or quince paste. Alternatively, you can order your facturas with crema pastelera, which is a type of egg custard.

What is the most popular pasta dish in Argentina?

Some of the most popular Argentine pasta dishes include: 1 Ham and Mozzarella Sorrentino 2 Ricotta Agnolotti 3 Spinach Ravioli More ...

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