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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to a public school in Texas?

Apply to Texas colleges. Applying to public school in Texas has never been easier. While in many states you have to fill out a separate application for every college you apply to, many Texas universities and colleges accept a single application, ApplyTexas.

Can I use my ApplyTexas account to transfer to another institution?

You can use your ApplyTexas account throughout your time in higher education if you choose to transfer to another Texas institution. Note: Students are required to pay application fees (or apply fee waivers, if eligible) to each institution they submit ApplyTexas to.

Can I receive emails from ApplyTexas without an email address?

Please make sure to use an email address that allows you to receive emails from ApplyTexas. You will not be able to receive information from ApplyTexas and the schools to which you are applying without a valid email address. Some school email accounts do not allow students to receive emails from outside the school district.

Does Texas have a common application for colleges?

Sometimes called the Texas Common Application, ApplyTexas is accepted by all Texas public two- and four-year universities as well as some private colleges. With essays that change very little year to year, it’s an easy application to begin preparing for as early as you’d like.

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