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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the strokes an important band in music history?

The Strokes are part of the first generation of artists to have 1000 songs in their pockets and to know all of pop history at a glance. The past is bigger than ever, The Velvets, The Cars, (their main influence ) get bigger every day. As does Creedence, Billie Holiday, Hank, and Django.

Is this it by the strokes?

After RCA won the bidding war that followed The Strokes capturing the UK’s attention with their debut EP The Modern Age, countless publications were desperate to deem them the saviours of rock and roll before their first LP Is This It had even been released.

Who sings the song the stroke?

Shot along with "In The Dark" and "My Kinda Lover", "The Stroke" is one of Billy's signature performance videos from "Don't Say No."

What genre is the strokes?

The Strokes. Formed: 1998. Origin: New York City , NY. Genre: Rock.

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