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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Spanish adjectives that start with the letter?

Lesson Summary. In this lesson, we've reviewed some Spanish adjectives that begin with the letter 'T.' In order to remember them better we have divided them into three groups: Adjectives used to describe people include tímido (timid), temerario (reckless), taimado (mischievous), tacaño (mean), tenaz (tenacious), tiquismiquis (fussy) and some others.

What are common Spanish verbs?

Common irregular verbs in Spanish. Some common Spanish verbs that follow that same pattern as ser (different personal pronouns’ form and different tenses’ root) are: tener (to have), ir (to go), dar (to give), decir (to say), saber (to know), hacer (to do). Sorry, but you will have to learn them by memory!

What are negative words in Spanish?

Spanish also has several negative words that are frequently used. They include nada (nothing), nadie (nobody, no one), ninguno (none), nunca (never), and jamás (never).

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