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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes extreme pain in Achilles tendon?

The large Achilles tendon connects these muscles to the heel. Heel pain is most often due to overuse of the foot. Rarely, it is caused by an injury. Tendinitis due to overuse is most common in younger people.

How do we develop Achilles tendon pain?

How We Develop Achilles Tendon Pain Finding Your Place On the Continuum. Before we go into how to treat tendon injuries, we first need to dive a little deeper into how the injury process occurs. Classifications of Achilles Tendon Injuries. Overload causes tendons to spark into a "reactive" mode and become painful. ... The Assessment. ... Other Helpful Tests. ... Final Thoughts. ... References. ...

Does your Achilles' tendon heal on its own?

The mcl, and lcl usually heal on their own. The acl and PCL do not. They usually need surgery. Pcl tears that isolated do not usually need surgery depending on symptoms. Acl tears usually need surgery, unless the patient is a sedentary, older individual, or if the patient is a coper.

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