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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 55+ community?

55+ communities are ideal for active adults who want to surround themselves with like-minded, healthy people who are at, or near, retirement age, but young at heart. Many are located in warmer climates and offer a fun, outdoor-oriented lifestyle year-round.

What is the meaning of 55 in math?

In Mathematics, 55 is an odd and deficient number. When reversed, 55 remains the same making it a palindromic number. Its expression in words is fifty-five. Number 55 is the largest Fibonacci number to both semi-prime and triangular. In Science, it is the atomic number of Caesium, which is a soft yet highly reactive metal.

What is the spiritual significance of 55?

The spiritual significance of 55 shows that at all time, angels are by our side taking note of everything that happens in our lives. Draw closer to the divine realm through the influence of this number, and good things will happen in your life.

What are the characteristics of an over 55 home?

Homes in over 55 living communities tend to be smaller, single-level detached houses or multifamily houses with one or two bedrooms and one or two bathrooms. Homes also often have safe accessible bathroom features, and other floor plan features that are more accessible so that seniors can age safely in place.

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