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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get 360° video from 360cities?

Please try again later. 360Cities' unparalleled, worldwide community of expert VR photographers are now producing great 360° video. See for yourself: Join a growing number of companies creating compelling audience experiences through the use of high quality 360° photos and videos from our unique collection.

What is a 360-feedback process?

A 360-feedback process, when done right, greatly increases the chances that change will occur. When leaders find out that others see them differently than they intend or want to be seen, they have a simple choice. Either they redefine how they see themselves, or they change their behavior.

What is a 360-degree GoPro?

These 360-degree cameras record everything around them, so you can share footage on VR platforms or creatively reframe video to fit a 16:9 screen. There's some appeal for thrill-seekers looking to go beyond what a single-lens GoPro can do, and for travel vloggers guiding viewers through famous locales.

Is the 360-degree feedback process worth it?

Summary. Companies have continued to use the 360-degree process throughout the years because it works. But for it to be worthwhile, the process has to be implemented in a way that engages leaders so they are compelled and motivated to become better at their job.... Too many companies don’t take the 360-degree feedback process seriously enough.

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