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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the 2022 Grand Cherokee Trackhawk have a Trackhawk variant?

Jeep unveiled the new 2022 Grand Cherokee on September 29, 2021, however, the presence of the Trackhawk variant is still not confirmed by Jeep. If you’re looking for an SUV that’s fast and offers a thrilling experience, the 2022 Grand Cherokee Trackhawk deserves your attention.

How much does a Trackhawk cost?

2022 Trackhawk Price While the greatest Grand Cherokee is incredible, its staggering initial price is around $ 19,000 more than the 475-hp SRT version. Trackhawk window stickers can even go up to $ 105,000 if you tick all the option boxes. Still, it is cheap compared to the extra expensive cost of its competitors.

Will the 2022 Jeep Trackhawk have a Hellcat V8?

In the past adaptation, the Jeep Trackhawk bundle accompanied a discretionary Hemi V8 which sneak peaks propose will be redesigned as Jeep picks the 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 for the 2022 rendition. This will build the 707 strength of the first Trackhawk to 710.

Will the 2022 Jeep Trackhawk have a quad-tip exhaust?

The Trackhawk rides at a somewhat lower distance (about an inch) and has a quad-tip exhaust. While there isn’t an especially emotional outside plan that transforms, you can anticipate that Jeep should adhere to similar general norms for the 2022 adaptation.

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