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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the 1948 presidential election compare to other elections?

The 1948 presidential election contrasted with other elections across the world during this period, for Truman was a war leaderwho managed to win re-election (Churchilland De Gaulleboth left office shortly after the end of the war).

Who won the Electoral College in 1948?

← 1944 November 2, 1948 1952 → 531 members of the Electoral College 266 electoral votes needed to win Turnout 52.2%3.7 pp Nominee Harry S. Truman Thomas E. Dewey Strom Thurmond Party Democratic Republican Dixiecrat Home state Missouri New York South Carolina Running mate Alben W. Barkley Earl Warren Fielding Wright Electoral vote 303 189

Who were the candidates in the 1948 election?

Nominee: Henry A. Wallace Nominee: Glen H. Taylor Socialist Party Nominee: Norman Thomas VP nominee: Tucker P. Smith Socialist Workers Party Nominee: Farrell Dobbs VP nominee: Grace Carlson Independentsand other candidates Gerald L. K. Smith Other 1948 elections: House

Where was the 1948 Republican National Convention held?

The 1948 Republican National Conventionwas held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was the first presidential convention to be shown on national television. At this time, there were 27 television stations in full operation in the U.S. and an estimated 350,000 TV sets in the whole country.

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